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Tana publications analyze AU reform and 2017/8 responses to complex security challenges


The two publications, a collection of policy briefs and the report on the State of Peace and Security in Africa, were prepared as background documents for the 7th Tana Forum, which took place on 21-22 April 2018.


2018 Tana Papers: A Collection of Policy Briefs

A Wind of Change? The Institutional Reform of the African Union and Africa’s Security Provision

This collection of policy briefs seeks to contribute to achieving a homogeneous understanding and to influence ongoing dialogue on the AU’s institutional reforms. The scope covered in this collection ranges from the elements of the institutional reform process to actors, partnerships, financing peace and security and compliance to the reforms. The collection does not seek to impose a verdict on whether the reforms will be successful or not. However, it provides compelling analyses on some of the milestones achieved in the ongoing implementation of the agenda as well as the conditions that need to be put in place to guarantee the full implementation of the reforms.


The collection features 8 policy papers authored by 10 experts working in the field of peace and security in Africa.


Click here to download the report.


Reforming for Peace: State of Peace and Security in Africa 2018

The State of Peace and Security in Africa (SPSA) is a background paper for the 2018 Tana Forum on the theme ‘Ownership of Africa’s Peace and Security Provision: Financing and Reforming the African Union’. The report provides contextual information that should, hopefully, inform the nature, quality and direction of debate on peace and security issues on the continent.


The report provides a succinct overview and analysis of the most salient conflict trends and offers a nuanced understanding of the efforts and responses mobilized to manage complex peace and security challenges on the continent. It also documents and presents the broad and thematic overview of peace and security in Africa in 2017 and 2018, covering the number and scale of armed conflict and violence, their spatial distribution (by country and region), the scale of threats to civilians and the overall fatalities recorded.


Click here to download the report.



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